Scientists, Laboratories, Research, Innovation
The Politecnico di Milano opens its Labs: discover research projects carried on by some of the best scientists in the world. This section is about the contribution of the researchers of the Politecnico in cutting-edge, applied and industrial research, with a special focus on the great topics of our time, from nanoparticles to space voyages.

The Politecnico di Milano acknowledges its impact on society, today and in the future. The University has made its knowledge and its activities open to society as a whole, both at the national and international level. Here you will find all about the educational initiatives, research projects and cultural events that are being held in a vast number of topics from inclusivity to sustainability to cultural management to patent-valorization and to the support of start-ups and incubators.

From the Politecnico's community activities, people, products and projects with an international focus, making Made in Italy and Made in Polimi world-renowned.

How do people study these days? Professors and students discuss the innovation in the educational sistem of the University. A long series of topics are discussed, spanning from new degree courses to digital innovation to the cooperation with companies, all initiatives that are further improving the already high level of studies taught at Politecnico.

Who are the students at Politecnico? What is the role of the University in the international landscape? What are the goals for the next few years? From the Dean's Office the news that describe the present, the future and the objectives of the Politecnico.

What's new at the Politecnico di Milano? Join us for this tour of the facilities of our University, and of the changes that were made in the places that you have explored while studying, working and losing sleep (we have all been there)...

A close relationship between the university and the industrial landscape has been the distinctive characteristic of the Politecnico di MIlano from its origins. This symbiotic relationship is shown through the collaborations between the Politecnico and small and big companies in Italy and around the world and through the support provided to start-ups and through being open to the needs and ideas of the market.