PolimiRun Spring 2021: let's run at Politecnico safely again

The last days to join the 10km run at Politecnico! Alumni and Alumnae, are you ready to run again?

On 19 September the adidas Runners PolimiRun Spring 2021 is back, the non-competitive race of the Politecnico di Milano which, after the forced break due to a pandemic, will be back on the streets of the city safely. The registration for the running event, which will be the first important race to take place this year in Milan, are open until 17 September on www.polimirun.it .

PolimiRun aims at eco-sustainability, through three key principles: the reduction of the use of paper and fittings, the reuse of structures in the following years and above all the recycling of the plastic produced during the event.

"PolimiRun is back, after so many months of waiting, - comments the rector of the Politecnico Ferruccio Resta - a yearly appointment for Milan and the Politecnico which was temporarily suspended due the pandemic. Finally people start running again in the streets of a city that comes back to life. Not just a competition, but a moment with a strong symbolic value. The Politecnico di Milano, which reopens its activities in attendance with the start of the new academic year, does not neglect sport, which has always been synonymous with sharing, vitality and trust. Values that this year we have declined within the great theme of sustainability and recycling. "


The race this year will have a new route: it will start from Campus Leonardo and will arrive at Campus Bovisa , passing through Giuriati Sports Center - recently renovated - and from the Bovisa-Goccia area , which in the future will regain new life with the expansion of the Politecnico Campus. The recovery of prestigious buildings, including the two former gasometers, and will the construction of a large green system equipped for free time and health.

Students, employees but also running enthusiasts can sign up for PolimiRun, but we obviously ask Alumni and Alumnae : test yourself with this 10 km dedicated to sport, fun and news of the community of Politecnico!