Issue 10 of MAP, the Alumni magazine, is out now 

This issue is an important milestone for the magazine, which offers information on and insights into everything conceived, developed and launched at our university

MAP, the magazine dedicated to architects, designers and engineers at the Politecnico di Milano, returns with an important 10th issue; a milestone that consolidates this wonderful publishing project created with the financial support of its donors

To celebrate this milestone, we have redesigned the magazine, giving it a new look with the focus on sustainability. Its content has also been overhauled, giving readers and even clearer indication of the importance of the Alumni who contribute substantially to the development of the Politecnico and the fulfilment of its important missions: teaching, research and social responsibility. 

MAP is one of the many initiatives created by Alumni Politecnico di Milano. If you want to receive two issues of the magazine in paper format, consider donating..