880 Alumni (at Poli and online) at the 12th Alumni Convention

The annual meeting of the polytechnic community: in 2023 with Rector Donatella Sciuto for a look at development macro-trends for our country

"Every day at Polimi we work to do things that have a positive impact, to improve the world we live in and the way we live. That's our true and only mission: and that's what drives us to study, teach, work, do, with great passion."

This is how Enrico Zio, president Alumni Politecnico di Milano, opens the discussion, kicking off a moment of insight and discussion between senior university officials and the Alumni community.

683 Alumni attended the live event, crowding the Politecnico di Milano lecture hall-more than 200 followed and commented on the online discussion. Making an impact, it turns out, is by no means a triviality. Especially when the rudder is pointed firmly in the direction of sustainable growth:

"it means first taking care of people and their environment."

comments Rector Donatella Sciuto, in her first year in this position on the Alumni stage. From a need for sustainability, she explains, "important challenges arise to which research must respond. Technologies in materials, architecture and design are directed at creating a sustainable environment for the future, the one we will leave to young people."

The next generations are at the center of the discourse: it is with this perspective on the future that Sciuto invites us to consider "the other side of the coin" of development, for example, the great energy impact of machine learning technologies, just to name one, and introduces at all levels of academic discourse, from research, to teaching, to the relationship with the territory, an ethical dimension that leads us to think about our impact in the world.

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