I am going to study management engineering at the Politecnico thanks to a scholarship  

Anuar Mancini, 22, dreams of a doing a job that has a positive impact on the world. And he is laying the foundations for just that at the Poli, thanks to donations from Alumni

In the three-year period 2020-2022 the Politecnico received over €10 million in donations from private individuals and companies. Supporting merit is the primary objective of the community: indeed, around half of these funds were used to finance about 500 merit-based or needs-based scholarships awarded to Politecnico students.  

Today we tell you the story of Anuar Mancini, 22 years old, from Perugia, who now describes Milan as his adopted city. He is one of the ‘2022 scholarship holders’, one of the many young people who - thanks to the support of donors - are laying the foundations for their future at the Politecnico di Milano. “After my Bachelor’s degree in management engineering, I will continue with a Master's degree at the Politecnico: I really value the technical and quantitative approach of this university,” he says. “My Bachelor’s thesis was the result of a five-month internship at SNAM, where I worked on the implementation of an interactive monitoring system using KPI dashboards, to evaluate the impact of maintenance on CNG and LNG methane dispensing stations.”  

The number of students enrolling in the management engineering course increases every year: this multidisciplinary course is highly valued on the job market. Not everyone has the financial means to support this educational pathway, especially considering the cost of living in Milan. For this reason, and to ensure the university doesn’t lose talented potential students who would otherwise be unable to study at the Politecnico, the School of Management organizes a fundraiser every year in support of deserving students in financial need, so that they can fulfil their dream of studying Management Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano.  

“The scholarship I won was extremely gratifying and will accompany my memory of the Politecnico forever,” continues Anuar. In addition to taking into account household financial situation, the criteria for drawing up the ranking also consider the average grades in the undergraduate exams how soon they were taken..

. “I am extremely focused on results, on performance, always trying to raise the bar a bit. In my undergraduate course, I pushed myself hard: I nearly always sat the exams in the first available session, and even managed to sit some scheduled for the following year in advance. On the other hand, it was essential to be aware of my limits: when I knew that my performance would not be excellent, I stopped, took a step back and worked out how I could achieve the desired result.”   

Management engineers design and manage systems in which technology interacts in a complex manner with economics and organization. Thanks to the multidisciplinary profile, they can work in different sectors and roles. As a child, Anuar dreamed of becoming an astronaut, then a teacher, then a CEO of a large multinational corporation. “Now, what I feel like saying is that I would like to make an impact in society, something tangible or intangible that can help people live a better life. More practically, this dream could be materialized through a path of entrepreneurial growth, by the creation of an innovative product or service that is useful to society, or more simply by creating a memorable idea or model that can prove efficient and effective. One key notion I have held for a long time is the desire to be a citizen of the world, taking advantage of my professional life to travel, get to know new cultures and take inspiration from them. In this sense, I really value the role of management engineer, as it is extremely versatile and allows you to work in the most disparate fields, and, by definition, has the objective of solving problems using models in an efficient and effective way.” 

“These scholarships, established thanks to donations by Management Engineering Alumni and all the friends of the Management Engineering Department, are a concrete way of helping deserving students to embark on a path of personal growth and professional development that will lead them to become skilled management engineers,” comments Professor Marika Arena, coordinator of the management engineering course. “Therefore, I would like to thank most sincerely all those who have contributed towards this great initiative to date and remind people that the campaign is still open. Thanks to the help from our community, we can make a difference!”