4 Alumni of Politecnico di Milano in Luna Rossa’s team

Luna Rossa dominates the Prada's Cup and enters the America's Cup final

The Italian crew beat the British team 7-1 during the last Prada Cup, taking Luna Rossa to the America's Cup for the first time in 21 years.
Luna Rossa will have the opportunity to challenge the defender and host Emirates Team New Zealand from March 6th, in the 36th edition of the America's Cup, the oldest sporting trophy in the world.

The boats used during the final are a mixture of a sailboat, a catamaran and a hydrofoil. Jokingly called "boats with mustaches", they have lateral appendages whose movement allows the hull to sail raised from the surface of the water, reaching almost 50 knots of speed, more than 90 km / h.

The new hulls are the result of three years of study, tests and experiments, elegant in their perfect aerodynamics, ready to dance on the race course between one maneuver and another, always having to deal with the dreaded wind changes. 

In the italian team 4 Alumni of Politecnico di Milano:

Alessandro Franceschetti, Head of Structural Engineering, Alumnus Polimi Ingegneria dei Materiali
Fabrizio Marabini, Performance, Alumnus Polimi Ingegneria Aeronautica
Stefano Baruffaldi, Drone – Electronics, Alumnus Polimi Disegno Industriale
Andrea Romani, Base Operations Manager, Alumnus Polimi Architettura

Cover photo © LM/DPPI/Chris Cameron / IPA

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