Excellence Of Politecnico In Qs World University Rankings By Subject

7th Place In The World In Design And Architecture, 23rd In Engineering. Absolute Record In Italy.

In an increasingly competitive global academic context, Politecnico di Milano has once again established itself as one of the world's leading academic institutions, ranking among the top universities in its core disciplines: 7th place in both Design and Architecture and 23rd place in Engineering, according to data published today by the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2024.

QS World University Rankings by Subject is the ranking of the best universities in the world by subject area, and today covers 55 disciplines divided into 5 macro areas. Rankings by subject aim to guide students to choose universities by discipline of interest.

The results released today, with a significant presence in world rankings in multiple fields of study, consolidate the University's reputation as a leader in scientific and technological education and research.

Going into the details of the ranking, the Politecnico di Milano has achieved excellent results in various disciplines, with prominent positions in key sectors in economic and scientific development, such as Engineering - Mechanical, Aeronautics and Manufacturing, ranking 9th globally in disciplines crucial for the development and innovation of technologies that drive industrial progress.

As far as Civil Engineering is concerned, the University ranks 12th in the world. Despite the growing demand from the labour market, the number of graduates, not only at the Politecnico, in this field is decreasing. A shortage that represents an extraordinary job opportunity for those who decide to embark on a path that places professionals at the centre of the country's infrastructural progress, with employment rates for Politecnico graduates reaching 97% one year after graduation.

In addition, the University stood out in 23rd place in the crucial sector of Data Science & AI, an indicator evaluated for the first time by Qs, which further confirms the work of researchers and teachers. Precisely in this area, those who choose to be protagonists of the digital transition, with the possibility of contributing to the development of new techniques, applications and ethical implications, find in the Politecnico di Milano an institution that has been committed to the study of artificial intelligence for over 50 years. In fact, the University has established itself as a major centre for the study of AI with a transversal and pervasive approach within all areas of research and innovation

What emerges from the latest QS survey is the value of 'engineerings'. The plural is a must in an increasingly articulated and multidisciplinary context. In this specific area, we rank among the top 25 in the world in Data Science & AI, in the face of close competition.

Professor Donatella Sciuto, Rector of Politecnico di Milano

Compared to last year, Politecnico di Milano has made significant progress in several disciplines, including Physics and Astronomy (+22 positions), Architecture and Built Environment (+3), Mathematics (+3), and Chemical Engineering (+7), thus demonstrating a continuous commitment to academic excellence and frontier research.

In addition, all 12 departments of the University are in the TOP50 for at least one discipline.

At a national level, the Politecnico di Milano is confirmed as the main point of reference in Architecture, Design, and Engineering.