Full employment for Politecnico di Milano graduates

The results of 2023 occupational survey

97% of Politecnico Italian Master's degree graduates is already in employment one year after graduation. Employment is almost fully guaranteed for engineers to 98%, as well as architects and designers, respectively to 96% and 93%. Employment rates five years after graduation rises to 99% (99% Engineering, 98% Architecture, 98% Design).

Furthermore, one out of three Italian master's graduates is already employed on the date of graduation, while almost all graduates (90%) have a job that is consistent with their degree. More in detail: 93% are employed in the private sector, 87% work in Italy and 66% are in permanent employment.

The high employment rate of our graduates once again confirms the good work and excellent reputation enjoyed by the Politecnico di Milano in Italy and abroad. We can only be satisfied with it. Not only almost all of our students are employed one year after graduating, but one out of three finds a job already before completing their thesis

commented rector Donatella Sciuto.

In addition to doing a job consistent with their studies, Italian graduates of Politecnico di Milano are satisfied with their educational path (85%) and also with their current job (87%).

Five years after graduation, the percentage of permanent contracts for Italian master's graduates rises to 93%, with an increase of 40% compared to four years ago.

The salary one year after graduation is 1,699 euros, with an increase of approximately 150 euros per month compared to the previous year, while five years after graduation it reaches an average of 2,322 euros net (2,018 for women and 2,438 for men), marking a growth of 773 euros in four years.

This is thanks to an excellent education, in line with the needs of the production world, and to the proposal of new innovative, multidisciplinary study paths focused on cutting-edge issues, with particular reference to the two major transitions underway: digital and sustainability.

Employment rate rises also for foreign master’s degree graduates trained at the Politecnico, which reach 90% one year after graduation, rising to 96% after five years. More, 51% of fresh international graduates remain in Italy to work.

Regarding bachelor’s degree graduates, employment rate reaches 90% one year after graduation, rising to 99% five years after.

I also want to underline how the most recent data indicate a progressive narrowing in the wage gap between men and women, which remains very wide, wanting to move towards a more open and inclusive labour marke

concludes Sciuto.