ARTCAST4D: immersive technology meets art

The project from the Politecnico di Milano and 10 other partners supports the European creative industry

To combine art and immersive technology to allow people to interact with culture and liberate creativity. This is the objective of Artcast4D, a three-year project financed by the Horizon Europe programme which sees the Politecnico di Milano and 10 partners from 7 European countries collaborate with artists, cultural organisations, creative businesses, museums, cities and local authorities to develop new immersive experiences in public spaces.

Immersive technologies contribute to improving the breadth, depth and intensity of artistic performances and the experiences of visitors to public spaces and artistic and cultural institutions. However, currently such technologies are neither easily available nor accessible to everyone. Artcast4D hopes to develop an open source solution based on tried and tested real-time 2D/3d AAASeed software.


The project will contribute to developing the cultural and creative industries’ potential, and encourage the containment of design and development costs, making it possible to create non-invasive, immersive and interactive user experiences, integrating online impact assessment and measurement techniques from the outset.

Artcast4D technology will be experimented with in 4 pilot projects in Issy-les-Moulineaux (France), Hounslow (United Kingdom), Valencia and Athens, each focusing on different issues and experiences which will involve creatives and industry partners, together with civil society.

For further information The website of Artcast4D Society @polimi