What is the job status of graduate students 5 years from graduation?

An investigation in understanding the value of a degree in the job market across time

5 years from graduation, 98% of italian graduate students are employed with a net income of 2.063 euros.

Employment for graduate students of Politecnico has grown by 7% in 4 years (91% employed 1 year from degree) and salaries increased by 600 euros in the same span of time (1.463 net income in one year time)

82% of graduates are employed by a company and 88% have a fixed contract. In 4 years the number of graduates with a fixed contract has increased by +36%. 92% are employed in the private sector and 55% works for a SMEs. The italian market is still the main destination of employment for the majority of graduates. 

College is a springboard, a wealth of knowledge and tools that we put into practice over many years to follow. It is the basis for all our subsequent experience in the professional world. This is why we believe it is important to measure the value of the degree and its spendability over time: to understand how our graduates move in the world of work, to what extent they grow not only in economic terms, but also in terms of transversal skills and classification.

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