September is a bit line new year’s day

Students come back to classes, researchers are already at work. We take stock of Politecnico's objectives with Rector Sciuto

"On these pages, we have talked about research and its many perspectives in Europe. We told about POP, the equal opportunities programme launched a few years ago. We gathered consensus around the initiatives we started together, such as the book Alumnae, No less important, we looked each other straight in the eye and shook hands on several occasions, such as the Convention... In short, I am 'like one of the family'” Rector Donatella Sciuto says on MAP 12 for her first editorial in her new role. "I must admit that when I decided to run for rector of this 160-year-old University, I thought long and hard about what I could add to an organisation that is already very well positioned both in Italy and worldwide, a University which had achieved international standards in its classrooms and laboratories and which is a point of reference for business and local innovation.

However, Politecnico’s women and men are used to always raise their expectation s and standards. "The Strategic Plan 2023-2025 is a compass with four cardinal points: people, education, research and social responsibility. A reminder of exactly what we are aiming for. Our mission is indeed to aim for sustainable and inclusive growth that enhances talent and skills. To make a significant impact on the social and cultural progress of our country. To strengthen the ethical dimension and make it the cornerstone of our work”.

Read the full editorial on MAP 12 and discover all members of the team that will lead Politecnico in the coming years