Inauguration of the 160th academic year at the Politecnico di Milano

‘Overcoming limits to establish new balances’ is Rector Ferruccio Resta’s wish for the new academic year

From focussing on social challenges to synergies with institutions and businesses: this is the balance struck by the Politecnico di Milano - and the outgoing Rector Ferruccio Resta Resta - at the inauguration of the 160th academic year. And it is on this basis that we will continue to build from 2023, which will see the new Rector Professor Donatella Sciuto in office.

The ceremony, held on 30 November 2022, was attended by Anna Maria Bernini, Minister of University and Research; Attilio Fontanta, President of Lombardy; Giuseppe Sala, Mayor of Milan; Benedetto Vigna, CEO of Ferrari; and Marta Ghidoli, President of the Student Council. Benedetto Vigna delivered the Lectio Innovation and Scientific Method.

Credits: Matteo Bergamini, © Lab Immagine Design POLIMI (progettazione, produzione e gestione di prodotti comunicativi) Dipartimento di DESIGN, Politecnico di Milano – 02-2399.7805/06 –

On this occasion, the Rector took stock of the activities over the last six years, with a critical look at the university’s work and its impact on the socio-economic context.

‘The university system has a guiding role that we must keep as bold, open and free as possible’ the Rector commented. ‘In doing so, we must be more courageous in implementing genuine reward policies, something that does not only concern the university, but the entire country. “Generate excellence” or “reduce gaps”? I believe the solution is to enhance diversity so as not to cause the system to regress. We must have the courage to strike a difficult balance between those institutions that operate at international level and those that fulfil the equally important task of serving their local territory’.

In keeping with the polytechnic tradition, the utmost attention to research- the heart of the university vocation - has characterised this mission, with the university at the frontier of the most complex challenges: from space to biotechnology, quantum technologies, big data, artificial intelligence and social challenges. Research that goes hand in hand with teaching, that enhances it with the aim of producing young polytechnic students to govern these challenges in the future. The centrality of the Politecnico's social impact and, therefore, its relations with businesses and with the various laboratories set up in collaboration with companies (we have talked about the laboratories here) brings us full circle.

The Rector closed his term of office by symbolically passing the baton to the Rector-elect, Donatella Sciuto. Passing an important legacy to her: the construction of the new Campus in Bovisa, which bears the signature of Architect and Alumnus Renzo Piano'Open, green and permeable': this is the future of the Politecnico.