10 things you miss about the Politecnico

From the Leonardo Campus to Bovisa, we have drawn up a Top 10 for the nostalgic; truly Alumnus tried and tested. Did we miss anything?

10 years on social media is a long time, and what we have noticed during all this time together with you Alumni is that there is no greater positive or negative trigger (none!) – above all positive! – than a beautiful trip down Poli memory lane! 

So we decided to jot down places and situations that tickle your nostalgia, and the result was a a very long list. After a careful selection, we have managed to narrow it down to the ‘10 things you miss about the Politecnico’. There are certainly more, certainly some we have forgotten or that have failed to reach the Top 10: if so, let us know in the comments! Who knows, maybe there will be a second episode... 

Are you ready? Let's get started! 

1. The swimming pool in via Ponzio 

Those who had lessons or exams in the Trifoglio (building 13) in the summer knew that their spirits would be tested not only by the study but also by the echo of the dives coming through the open windows. One thing is certain: you came out the other side both physically and morally tougher. 

7 cose politecnico piscina
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2. The colours and the street art in Bovisa 

Blue, red and yellow are the colours that come to mind when you think about Bovisa, but for the youngest – also the numerous murals that have transformed it into a veritable open-air museum. 

3. Study nights on the architecture patio 

How can you forget the patio, which in the evening became a melting pot of faculties, the place of crazy and desperate study sessions and discussions (and even for getting together to watch Italy in international matches). 

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4. Silent study under the eye of Guernica in the library 

This is a 1:1 reproduction of the famous work by Pablo Picasso, produced in 1973 by the Student Movement.  

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5. Aperitifs at the Harp Pub/al bar di via Ampère, all’ombra di un albero in piazza

Perfect for relaxing after lessons and exams.

6. The “differently comfortable” benches in the Aula Natta 

Lessons in religious silence (with the odd paper aeroplane every now and then ...) 

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7. Heroic journeys carrying your models

The incredible effort to reach the classroom with models still intact, travelling by car, underground, train, tram... 

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8. And speaking of trams: obviously the sadly departed No 23! 

How could we forget? It accompanied generations of students to the Leonardo Campus until 2017, when it was sent into retirement. 

9. One of the greatest mysteries of Bovisa: the unreachable door 

Does anyone know why it is there? 

10. The never-ending “rivalry” between engineers, architects and designers 

Even if, after all, what really unites us is that we are all proud politecnici!