The Politecnico makes it into the top 100 of the Financial Times Global MBA Ranking

The Politecnico’s Master in Business Administration ranks 91st at the global level and 2nd at the European level

The year 2022 began with new accolades for the Politecnico di Milano, with the Financial Times Global MBA Ranking, cplacing its Master in Business Administration (MBA) – forming part of the specialist training of the MIP-Politecnico di Milano Graduate School of Business – in 91st place at the global level and in 2nd place at the European level, considering technical universities alone.

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Vittorio Chiesa and Federico Frattini, respectively President and Dean of the MIP Politecnico di Milano stated:

"For an increasing number of students worldwide, our Full Time Master in Business Administration serves as a springboard for a truly fulfilling career. The quality of our first-rate training path has been acclaimed by the authoritative Financial Times ranking, further confirming what we have always believed: that the decision to follow an MBA is essential for the professional growth of a corporate leader"

The reasons for our Master’s success are threefold:


The Politecnico takes sixth place in terms of value for money, Moreover, in the categories relating to post-MBA career success, the percentage increase in salary three years after graduation has increased from 76% to 94% over 2021 data.


In terms of international mobility - taking into account the students’ citizenship and where they worked pre-MBA, immediately post-MBA and three years later - the MIP reaches 28th place, confirming the excellent quality of its Alumni, recognized both in Italy and internationally.

3. CSR

Finally, the master ranks 30th on a global level for the proportion of the total training dedicated to CSR topics (ethics, green competitiveness, social responsibility).

“In a dynamic market that continuously offers new challenges, companies should be guided by managers having the best possible skills to ensure competitiveness for their business, as well as motivation and growth for their employees. Having a diploma issued by a world-class business school - one of the few that can boast having the three top business school accreditations - is certainly an incentive to invest in one’s future”.

concluded Chiesa and Frattini.

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