‘We are faced with urgent challenges. Solutions come through research, which deserves more trust' 

In an interview with the Corriere newspaper, Rector Sciuto explains the state of Italian research. Spoiler: there is good news

‘Our universities are propelled by a non-stop engine that moves knowledge further every day. Research has the task and responsibility to provide the tools to make informed decisions'. The role of scientific research is clear in the words of Donatella Sciuto, Rector of Politecnico di Milano, in this interview published on 23 September in Corriere della Sera.. At the country's largest technical university (Italy's first in global rankings), our researchers deal with competitiveness, production and sustainable growth every day. With excellent results at European and global level: in 2023, Sciuto explains, '57 Italian researchers have won [European research funding, ed.] and 32 projects have succeeded, compared to 27 last year, which proves Italian universities and research centres have become more attractive. Politecnico hosts three projects of excellence by Giulia Acconcia, Chiara Paganelli and Giuseppe Maria Paternò. All three projects have applications in the biomedical world from fighting cancer using fluorescence and radiotherapy, to using bacteria as drug ” carriers’.