The Impact Ranking: Polimi among the top 100 universities in the world

The university ranks 2nd in Italy and 91st worldwide in the ranking dedicated to the 17 ONU sustainability goals

Politecnico di Milano ranks 2nd in Italy and 91st among world universities in the overall THE Impact Ranking 2023, improving its global position by seven places from 2022. The ranking, active since 2019, measures the contribution of universities to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda and involves a total of 1591 universities worldwide.

Politecnico di Milano's best ranking is in SDG 9 Enterprises, Innovation and Infrastructures, in which the university ranks 16th globally (18th last year) thanks to the university's network of laboratories, consisting of 6 major infrastructures used both for research and by businesses, 245 research laboratories and 34 interdepartmental laboratories, plus 28 spin-offs and 2925 individual patents.

In addition, the Politecnico achieved prominent placements in SDG 8 Lavoro Dignitoso e Crescita Economica (Decent Work and Economic Growth), placing 37th (up from 59th last year), and SDG 10 Riduzione delle disuguaglianze (Reducing Inequalities), placing 28th (up from 45th in 2022). The university also conducts strategic programs such as POP Pari Opportunità Politecniche (Equal Politecnico Opportunities), which aims to ensure a study and work environment that respects gender identity, disability, culture and background, and SCHOLARSHIPS@POLIMI, several scholarship programs to ensure equal rights to education for all and promote the enrollment of underrepresented groups.

Our commitment to promoting the culture of sustainable development in all institutional activities, teaching and research is total and the first results prove it. It is a journey that has just begun but involves all the energies of the Politecnico's community on at least four fronts: environmental sustainability, promotion of responsible research, international cooperation and equal opportunities.“.

Rector Donatella Sciuto commented. Donatella Sciuto.

THE Impact Ranking 2023 requires each university to choose for itself at least four sustainable development goals on which it wants to compete. The ranking assesses the impact of research and teaching related to the SDGs, the responsible management of the university's resources by staff, faculty and students, and the active involvement of national stakeholders, using quantitative indicators such as citations and publications but also information on the university's active programs.

Politecnico di Milano has as an integral part of its university mission collaboration with society to help it achieve the Sustainable Development Goals at global, national and local levels, demonstrating the importance of the university community context and in the international academic arena.