Presentation of the Rector's governance team for 2023-2028

The new Rector, Donatella Sciuto, is moving towards sustainability and invests in teaching, research and social responsibility; people's contribution and growth are crucial

The Rector of the Politecnico, Donatella Sciuto , presented the team of delegates who will accompany her during the 2023-2028 term.

The organisation of delegates reflects the Politecnico's missions: Education, Research, Social Responsibility and Care for People.

"Four pillars with equal importance," Sciuto comments, "interrelated, moving together in the direction of sustainable development".

In order to put this vision into practice, the Politecnico's statute provides for a series of decision-making and operational bodies that work together on various fronts (you can discover all the University bodies at this link).  


The Rector in-office has assigned the roles of Executive Vice Rector, Delegate Executive Vice Rector and Vice -Rectors of Politecnico's Campuses as follows:  

  • Delegate Executive Vice-Rector Isabella Nova 
  • Executive Vice-Rector Emilio Faroldi 
  • Vice Rector for Cremona Campus Gianni Ferretti 
  • Vice Rector for Lecco Campus Manuela Grecchi 
  • Vice Rector for Mantova Campus Federico Bucci 
  • Vice Rector for Picenza Campus Dario Zaninelli 
  • Vice Rector for Chinese Campus Giuliano Noci 


In addition to choosing the Vice Rectors, the Rector can give delegations on specific duties. Starting with the Alumni: Prof. Enrico Zio | is confirmed as the delegate for Alumni and Individual Fundraising. He will work with the group coordinated by Prof. Daniele Rocchi, Delegate for Corporate Relations, who has the task of defining and developing, together with the entrepreneurial world, joint research, educational and innovation initiatives, facilitating the transfer of skills from the university world to industry. Also under this umbrella is the Technology Transfer Delegation, assigned to Prof. Marco Bocciolone

Milano, 2 febbraio 2023, Politecnico sede centrale Presentazione delle delegate e dei delegati da parte della rettrice Donatella Sciuto. foto di Matteo Bergamini, © Lab Immagine Design POLIMI (progettazione, produzione e gestione di prodotti comunicativi) Dipartimento di DESIGN, Politecnico di Milano – 02-2399.7805/06 –

The increasing complexity of the areas to be covered requires coordination between the various delegates: the 2023-2028 Rector's term will therefore be characterised by the definition of coordination tables for the delegations, in which the coordinators will form a board reporting directly to the Rector. In our case, the Alumni, Individual Fundraising and Technology Transfer delegations are part of the more general Corporate Relations delegation.  

Let us look at the other delegates together. 

ALL 2023-2028 DELEGATES 

Prof. Emilio Faroldi - Development and Enhancement of University Spaces 

Its aim is to outline strategies for integrating university spaces and city areas, aimed at the social and physical renewal of existing and currently planned/realised Politecnico campuses in their relationship with urban contexts and territories. The focus is on the strategic vision of the Politecnico's campuses as avant-garde and urban testing grounds, capable of translating the instances of the University's cultural growth to the physicality of its spaces, shaping the academic context and defining an original reality that has its own identity within the urban context.  

Prof. Isabella Nova - Strategic Plan Implementation 

She works within the framework of the process of planning, management, implementation and enhancement of the University's strategic guidelines, as outlined in the Strategic Plan, which sets out the main objectives, KPIs and basic orientations that inspire the decisions around teaching, research and social responsibility of the Politecnico system.   

Prof. Gianpaolo Cugola - Digital Infrastructures and Services 

The delegation’s main aim is to continue on the path of digitalisation of the services offered by the University, making the most of the potential offered by information technology to speed up and make more efficient the processes related to the three areas in which the University operates: education, research and social responsibility. 

Prof. Cristina Masella - People Management and Organization 

The work is part of efforts related to human resources planning, developing logics for resource allocation, reading the organisational impact of policy options and defining actions to support their implementation within budgetary constraints. 

Prof. Carolina Pacchi - Institutional and Community Relations  

The delegation’s objectives are the promotion of the role, identity and recognisability of the Politecnico di Milano in the territory; the reinforcement and better articulation of the existing systems of relationships with institutional subjects and stakeholders, at different levels; the creation of new channels of relationship, exchange and mutual learning; the connection between the processes of education, research and production of knowledge, internal to the University, and the external context, respecting the freedom and form of the relationships already maintained by the various components. 

Prof. Umberto Tolino - Communication 

He will work with Prof. Davide Fassi - Delegate for Cultural Activities, Prof. Ingrid Paoletti - Delegate for Exhibitions and Events, and Prof. Federico Bucci - Delegate for Archive, Library and Museums System. The group operates within the communication processes that underlie the University's activities, applying a strategy that integrates teaching, research, the third mission and public events, at the centre of a common identity system. 

Prof. Stefano Ronchi - Education and Learning 

The Politecnico wants to play a leading role in education on an international level; in a world generally characterised by an increase in the number of stakeholders in the world of education and the rate of schooling, it must be able to increase its prestige in order to attract the best talents from all over the world and provide them with the skills and tools they need to improve the future society. Together with Prof. Federico Caniato - Delegate for Lifelong Learning, Prof. Maurizio Zani - Delegate for Financial Aid and Student Contribution, Prof. Mariapia Pedeferri - Delegate for Student Communication, and Prof. Tommaso Agasisti - Delegate for Learning Analytics, Prof. Ronchi will work to enhance the attraction of talent, the development of their skills, the enrichment of the experience gained during their educational pathways and the impact on the world of work through placement and lifelong learning policies.  

Prof. Ilaria Valente - International Affairs  

It is the Politecnico's objective to promote and support international relations for teaching and research. In particular, in this complex phase of important and rapid changes around the world, the Politecnico intends to act as the European node of a network of international relations with the aim of forming a qualified international and multicultural community of students, lecturers, researchers. The objectives are the expansion and consolidation of European and international networks in the fields of architecture, design and engineering, the attraction and selection of talent; the enhancement of opportunities for international experience, the attraction of international lecturers. Working together with Prof. Valente will be the numerous delegates to the various Geographical Areas, International Networks, Strategic Projects and school delegates. Find out more at this link

Prof. Alberto Guadagnini - Research  

He coordinates and supports research activities, promoting their basic and transformative aspects in a European context, encouraging the interdisciplinary and inclusive nature of research. He supports strategic research in the context of European and international research networks, research infrastructures, open science policies and research quality assessment, in line with the University's strategic programme and with continuous interaction with the Ministry. He will work together with Prof. Francesca Rizzo - Delegate for European Research Projects, Prof. Francesco Topputo - Delegate for International Research Networks, Prof. Davide Moscatelli - Delegate for Research Infrastructures and Prof. Anna Maria Antola - Delegate for Research Quality Assurance. 

Prof. Paolo Biscari - Talent Development  

Strictly in continuity with the above group, Prof. Biscari will work with Prof. Matteo Maestri - Delegate for International Young Researcher Programmes and Prof. Alessandra Oppio (Alta Scuola Politecnica) and Prof. Daniele Rocchi (PhD School). The group's objective is to monitor and coordinate the actions implemented to support young researchers, understood as researchers present at the University with at least seven years of experience after obtaining their doctoral degree (condition for participation in ERC Starting Grants). 

Prof. Alessandro Perego - Sustainable Development and Impact on Society 

The aim of the activity is sustainable development (social and environmental) as a unifying perspective that should permeate the three missions of the University - Research, Education and Social Responsibility - and shape the way it relates to the public by generating a positive impact on all University stakeholders, including future generations. The large working group will include Prof. Anna Paganoni - Delegate for Data Analytics, Prof. Pierangelo Metrangolo - Delegate for Sports Activities, Prof. Mara Tanelli - Delegate for Diversity and Inclusion, Prof. Francesca Cognetti De Martiis - Delegate for Off-Campus Projects, Prof. Stefano Maffei – Delegate for Social Innovations, Prof. Alessandro Campi - Delegate for Multichance, Prof. Mario Grosso - Delegate for Relationship with Academic Networks for Sustainable Development, Prof. Emanuela Colombo - Delegate for Science Diplomacy, Prof. Licia Sbattella - Delegate for Psychological Support, Prof. Mario Motta - Delegate for Energy Transition.