“Stem 4 Women @Gruppo 24 ORE” scholarship

Valeria Pantè. engineering of computing systems student, wins

The "STEM 4 Women @Gruppo 24 ORE" Scholarship has been awarded by Gruppo 24 ORE to Valeria Pantè, a student on the Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to Master of Science) programme in Engineering of Computing Systems at the Politecnico di Milano.

The scholarship is aimed at young women on engineering courses at the Politecnico di Milano with the idea of supporting women on STEM degree programmes, subjects which are still studied by fewer female students in Italy. Suffice to say that, although more than half of graduates from Italian universities are women (58.7% of the total in 2020), only 16 out of every 100 have a STEM qualification, compared to 35 men (Istat, 2021).

"I am extremely grateful to Gruppo 24 ORE and the Politecnico di Milano for this wonderful initiative which encourages inclusion in STEM and underlines its importance. In this field of study, we are still struggling to achieve gender equality in terms of the number of students, despite there being no barrier to overcoming this problem: men and women have the same skills and capabilities. Inclusivity and diversity are key elements for having different points of view and finding more effective solutions,” stated Valeria Pantè, the winner of the award.

valeria pantè
Credits: Polimi

This scholarship is part of the initiatives - also in synergy with companies and Alumni - of the Politecnico that aim to encourage the presence of women in engineering courses where women are below 35%:

"The partnership with Sole 24 Ore is part of a journey that the Politecnico di Milano has clearly outlined among its strategic policies, that of increasing female participation on study programmes where less than 35% are women,” said Rector Ferruccio Resta, “It is fundamental that the issue of gender is shared by companies as something of a passing of the baton between the educational side and professional development. The two must go hand in hand. Recognising and promoting talent is the first step in this direction".

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