The hospital 4.0 version is being designed at Politecnico

The Joint Research Platform Healthcare Infrastructures project aims to develop a sustainable and "patient-centric" healthcare model

What will the hospital of the future be?

The Department of Architecture, Construction Engineering and Built Environment and the Politecnico di Milano Foundation, which together lead the Joint Research Platform on Healthcare Infrastructures , are trying to answer this question.

This platform of excellence is aimed at companies and institutions in the health field to develop innovative projects that will lead to the creation of a 4.0 hospital.


Mario Cucinella Architects, Philips, Politecnica Ingegneria e Architettura, Eredi Rossini Domenico, Siemens SpA and Tecnicaer Engineering , Together with Politecnico, will develop a sustainable “user center” healthcare model, which puts the patient and not the hospital at the center.

The ambition of the JRP Healthcare Infrastructures is to define the new paradigms for the Hospital of the Future. It 's the first example in Italy for which the world of research, business and institutions activate a joint working table that aims to address the social, epidemiological and technological challenges related to innovative and sustainable healthcare infrastructures. The JRP is a new multidisciplinary initiative by Politecnico di Milano that will generate multiple frontier actions with important spin-offs for the world of healthcare

says Stefano Capolongo, Professor of Hospital Design at Politecnico di Milano and Scientific Coordinator for this initiative.

ospedale 4.0
Credits: Fondazione Politecnico di Milano

In fact, it has been shown that user centered hospitals improve the satisfaction of patients and the healthcare personnel who work there, increasing productivity, reducing management costs, reducing the risk of falls and infections.

The new hospital will be designed "by developing, validating and testing design models for the different functional areas of the hospital (Operating and Critical Patient Area, Diagnostic Area, Emergency Area, Outpatients Area, Inpatients Area, General, Logistic and Technical Services Area) or the strategic characteristics (flexibility, resilience to major emergencies, sustainability) ".

On a national level, current guidelines all focus on investing in healthcare by creating people-centred systems. With JRP Healthcare Infrasctractures we promote a new vision of Hospital 4.0 and best practices in healthcare. As a foundation, we know that, in order to create valuable services for citizens, it is essential to understand the needs of society through dialogue with all stakeholders and to connect the industry sector with that of academia and the institutions. With this project we bring together major players in the healthcare sector, academia and the institutions in order to share the direction of development in healthcare infrastructures

says Andrea Sianesi, President of Fondazione Politecnico di Milano.

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