Alumnus Callegari recieves the CERN Alumni Champion 2021 award

Simone Callegari won the award for his "Science and Engineering Stories", a series of reflections during the pandemic matured also thanks to his work at CERN

Simone Callegari, Alumnus in Engineering of Materials and Nanotechnologies of 2015, received the CERN Alumni Champion 2021 Award for his contributions to the CERN blog during the period of the pandemic.

Callegari worked there as a researcher from 2017 to 2019, collaborating on engineering projects of an international nature. In particular, he held the role of R&D Project Engineer on operations related to Large Hadron Collider (the particle accelerator used for experimental research in the field of particle physics). The experience in his years at CERN then prompted him to write the three articles on the CERN blog on the theme "Science and Engineering Stories", for which he was awarded (read them here , here and here ).

simone callegari
Credits: Simone Callegari 

“I am happy to have finally received my CERN Alumni Champion 2021 award and to experience such a significant moment in my career - comments Simone Callegari on Linkedin -. This means a lot to me, because it came after such a good time in my career and also because of the results obtained during the difficult pandemic situation, like the Science and Engineering Stories blog. I am grateful that Rachel, along with the CERN Alumni, valued my efforts and made me feel part of this generous community that has been so instrumental in supporting me over the past few months.
Making my small contribution to science has so far been such an exciting and rewarding experience for which I am very grateful. Feeling supported in our communities is really essential to realize your dreams while always keeping your passions. "

The theme of the award ceremony was “Research Matters”, and is dedicated to CERN researchers for their impact on the world and for their brilliant careers. 

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