The new MAP is about to come out: 5 years of the Alumni Magazine!

Let's celebrate with an off-series issue and a whole new style

"The best of" MAP ! We feel a bit like rock stars, with a celebratory issue of the community. We have collected for you all the most read and commented articles of these past 5 years, reserving us the right to update some data (for example those of the university rankings: yes, we are still at the top) and we have add a little gem at the bottom of the issue: a gallery of champions of Politecnico in 2021 !

A must-read number if you want to peek the "behind the scenes" of some of the most curious laboratories in the world, if you love walking on the rooftops, going to the cinema, to the spas, if you love design and technology, if you are a surfers, sportsmen or if you prefer cybernetics books and math salads, if you have friends / children / grandchildren abroad or if you yourself are far from the Alma Mater, perhaps in space. Definitely, to read if you are proud of being an alumnus Politecnico.

This MAP, in the words of Enrico Zio, president of Alumni Politecnico di Milano, Rector's Delegate for Alumni and Individual Fundraising:

“It is a tribute to the work that Alumni do, to their contribution to society which is tangible, useful, beautiful, passionate and attentive. It is an ode to the activities and initiatives of the Alumni of the Politecnico di Milano who feed the research-companies-institutions ecosystem with ideas and energy, bringing the DNA of Politecnico's "know-how" out of the University laboratories and making it available to the industrial context and social".

You can preview it below. As you can see, for MAP's birthday we changed his clothes: let us know what you think!

MAP is one of the many initiatives created by Alumni Politecnico di Milano. If you like this initiative and the other ones dedicated to the Alumni community consider donating.