Edison Foundation sponsor two scholarships for a total of 20.000 euros

The scholarships are design to support engineering students and are named after Guido Fossati, Alumnus of the Politecnico. Let's meet the two winners of this year

Edison Foundation has donated 20.000 euros to finance two scholarships of 10.000 euros each : The scholarships were given to students of the master's degree course in energy engineering of Politecnico di Milano. The scholarships are named after Guido Fossati, Alumnus of Politecnico, former Director of HR and ICT of Edison.

This donation, in its second edition in 2021, is designed to select the best talents among those enrolled in energy engineering. If you wish to participate in the call for applications for next year, a weighted average of 27/30 is required; candidates then have to go through a long selection process, including tests and evaluation interviews. Let's hear more about it from the two winners of this year , that will be given their award on July 12th, 2021at 12 pm. The cerimony will be streamed here.


"I still can not believe it! I still haven't been able to celebrate and understand it, it seems incredible to me ”, says Alice Di Bella , 24 years old. Alice is about to graduate in energy engineering with a focus on green power , with a research thesis in energy modeling (with Prof. Manzolini).

“It was a fellow student of mine, winner of last year's scholarship, who suggested to me to participate in the call. He told me about this great opportunity which, among other things, introduced him to Eng. Fossati, a very interesting person".

Alice Di Bella
Alice Di Bella

Alice told us about the selection process for awarding the scholarship: the application based on the academic average, then a test of logic and a personality test. Finally, an interview with Edison's HR manager: "He asked me a lot of questions typical of job interviews, but also some that I didn't expect, such as, for example, what value I assigned to the different areas of life: work, friends, free time and family".

After graduation, Alice would like to continue with a PhD : "I don't know what I want to do" when I grow up, at the moment I'm thinking about the next step: a PhD could give me the opportunity to deepen my interests and help me understand what I really like. However, I am oriented towards the topic of energy transition , renewables, and I am also interested in international cooperation ”.


Elia Pietra , 23, is in the first year of the master's degree in Power Generation. He already has a vision: “I would like to work in the field of power generation plant design . This could be the topic that I will choose for the thesis and I hope to be able to do it in the field, in the company. In the meantime, in January I will leave for Erasmus in Norway: I can't wait to leave the house! Although I have an excellent relationship with my family, I'm curious to have an experience on my own, abroad ".

Elia Pietra
Elia Pietra

After the aptitude tests, Elia was the first candidate to be interviewed with Edison's human resources. "I'm not one who gets anxious, but this time I was a little agitated. I experienced it a bit like a job interview, and for me it was the first time", he tells us.

"I was also excited because Edison is an important company and I was very interested in chatting with one of them to understand what I expect from the world of work . But the person who interviewed me immediately put me at ease. We talked about work, but also about me, my passions, my history ”.

In 2020, thanks to the support of the Community of Aumni we were able to create 87 scholarships to allow deserving students to study at Politenico di Milano.
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