Politecnico is the best italian University for the seventh consecutive year

"The university sets in motion the best energies of the country" comments Rector Ferruccio Resta

Politecnico di Milano is the best Italian university in the ranking of the best universities in the world for the seventh consecutive year, according to QS World University Rankings 2022

In the general world ranking the University is placed in 142nd place; as per the section concerning the Employer Reputation , that is the opinion that employers have of Alumni which has had an excellent result, placing Politecnico 67th place in the world . That was made possible thanks to the professionality of our Alumni, according to the rector Ferruccio Resta, who comments: “It is precisely in this moment of uncertainty that we must set in motion the best energies of the country, those of young people. Businesses know this and are on our side".

The research behind the ranking QS University Ranking examines 1300 among the best universities in the world and takes into account various indicators: Politecnico, is particularly strong in Employer Reputation an international survey in which 40,000 employers indicate which universities they prefer to hire talent from.

The "second part" of the QS survey is the Ranking by Subject , which will be released early next year. The 2020 by Subject ranking saw us in 5th place in Design, 10th in Architecture and 20th in Engineering, in the world; Politecnico is still the best university in Italy. (Find out more about the 2020 QS ranking by subject on MAP # 9 at this link ).

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