The new number of MAP is about to be published

Your window on the world and on the community of the Alumni of Politecnico di Milano

Leafing through the pages of MAP we will travel from the classrooms of the Politecnico to new planets to be explored together with the main characters of this issue.

We will learn more about Alumni Companies , such as the one of Alessandro Pedretti, inventor of a anti-Covid fabric, and of the Alumni Gabriele Natale and Marco Caglieris, each carrying the Politecnico for the seven seas in each own way. We will travel to the Silicon Valley with Paolo Sacchetto (from Apple) and we'll go to Mars with Marco Dolci, responsible of the under-robotic system of the rover Perseverance.

We will sneak into the laboratories of the Politecnico di Milano, to witness the first interaction between light and matter, to take a ride on one of the most innovative driving simulators in the world and to find out how a bridge is tested to be safe over the years. We will read about many research projects funded by Alumni and the community around the world.

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Social innovation through" humanly right "technology, to build a sustainable future for our world, is not an unambitious goal ... but we get there by working together, Polytechnic and Alumni: in Milan, in Italy, all over the world ... beyond… towards the borders of the Solar System, as you will read in the journey of these pages designed for you, written with you. .»

Enrico Zio |President of the Association of the Alumni of Politecnico di Milano Rector's Delegate for Alumni and individual fundraising at Politecnico di Milano