"Where we are going we do not need roads"

Ann 2 is not yet a flying DeLorean, but it still describes the future

Ann 2 it is a two-seater aircraft of the Stovl type, ie a short or vertical take-off and vertical landing, it can travel up to 600 km at a speed of 300 km per hour.
It is built in composite materials also taking advantage of 3D printing, has hybrid power, can be driven in autonomous mode.

Its developer is Lucas Marchesini, Alumnus of Areonautical engineering at Politecnico di Milano, founder and CEO of MANTA AIRCRAFT, describes Ann2: "To some it may seem like a car with wings, but in reality it has little to do with a car. It's more similar to an airplane", but is much smaller than a plane and is able to take off and land in very small environmente (or vertically) A plane almost suitable for urban environments, which is one of the directions in which the areonauthical industry is moving towards.

In the future, aircrafts of this type could be used in the transport of goods and people as well as to facilitate city mobility, being used as couriers and flying taxis; but also for search and rescue operations, surveillance (for example environmental) and medical transport, which are all operations now carried out by helicopter with very high costs. Grazia Vittadini, CTO Airbus, also talked about it in MAP # 5 .

Ann2 is in the testing phase: The flight tests of the prototypes in 1: 3 scale are underway while from 2022 the first prototype in real size will take off.

Photos from MantaAircraft.com