The effort of Politecnico in the digitalization of schools in Milan

In collaboration with the Municipality of Milan and Moncler, technical support and training for primary and secondary schools

In collaboration with the Municipality of Milan and Moncler, Politecnico will provide technical support and training courses to primary and secondary schools to encourage the integration of new technologies in teaching strategies

As part of the collaboration project with the Municipality of Milan and Moncler, thanks to which the primary and secondary schools in Milan will receive a supply of 3.600 tablets, PCs and connections, Politecnico will take care of offering support to schools and teaching staff, with the aim of promoting quality educational planning, which relies on an adequate and intelligent use of technology.

Moncler has donated to primary and middle schools in Milan a supply of approximately 3.600 tablets, PCs and connections based on the reported needs as well as technological support and training courses for the teaching staff. The support and helpdesk service, dedicated to children, will be managed by the Politecnico di Milano through its students. Moncler will also offer, through University professors, a training course aimed at supporting teachers in defining an innovative training model integrated with new technologies. The project has a total value of approximately 2.1 million euros.

Politecnico will be of support in schools: 130 university students will be selected to accompany students and teachers throughout 2021, providing technical support for the use of teaching technologies (devices and software); in addition, our professors will provide a path for 75 teachers of the schools involved in order for them to become agents of change in their own schools. The ultimate goal of the training is that professors can promote methodologies among their colleagues that provide for the integration of new technologies into "traditional" teaching strategies.

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Cover Photo by Tran Mau Tri Tam on Unsplash