From Politecnico di Milano, Narvalo masks arrive on Kickstarter

Narvalo Urban Active is the first IoT mask adaptable to protect from the virus and from pollution.

Yes, it is also good against Coronavirus: Narvalo Urban Mask is a certified PPE according to the law, an FFP3 mask equipped with the best filtration standards and an Active Shield (patent pending) that constantly optimizes the internal air flow for maximum comfort and to facilitate respiratory performance

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Narvalo's storyread more here on MAP 8) inizia sui banchi della Scuola del Design del Politecnico di Milano dalla tesi di Ewoud Westerduin, con il contributo di Venanzio Arquilla (rivedi il Digital Talks in cui è stata raccontata anche la storia di Narvalo), Professore del Dipartimento di Design e suo relatore di tesi, passa per l’incubatore PoliHub e una serie di test e sperimentazioni all’interno di Polifactory. (Find out more about the research-territory-incubation system of the Politecnico di Milano in the Digital Talk of the Alumni: "Startup, engine for restarting")

Today the spin-off of Politecnico di Milano, Narvalo, launches the campaign on Kickstarter for the industrialization of the second version of its mask: "Active", which contains some important smart electronic components. In the device there is a sensor capable of reading three parameters: pressure, temperature and humidity, which provide a precise and direct reading of the user's respiratory rate and regulate the speed of a fan. This fan extracts the heat and humidity that usually accumulate inside, making breathing more comfortable. The valve can be blocked by inserting the special COVID-19 “plug”. The Narwhal App interacts with the sensors of the mask to report the respiratory rate and monitor the quality of the air along the user's movements. Urban Active filters have a 99% guaranteed filtration level and protect against fine dust, smog, pollen, viruses and bacteria and, thanks to the activated carbon layer, are able to filter odors.

Credits images: Narvalo Design