DIGITAL TALKS | Professional interactions: getting to know each other to improve teamwork

Digital Talks in french organized by the international chapter Alumni Polimi Paris, in collaboration with Alumni Unimi Paris.

Stefania Catacchio - Professional Trainer and Marketing Manager in a multinational company - presented the behavioral method DISC (Dominance, Influence, Stability, Conscientiousness), developed by American psychologists Marston, Clarke and Gaier and scientifically validated.

This methodology, used by many companies and professionals around the world (40 million people in recent decades), has allowed us to identify 4 fundamental character traits of personality.

Our behavior is strongly linked to the way we interact with the environment around us. Everyone reacts differently to external stimuli: exploring the link between our behavior and our personality allows us to enhance our abilities and improve our relationship with others.

During this webinar there were answered questions such as:

  • Why are we able to interact well with certain people and not with others?
  • Why do we feel more comfortable in certain areas?
  • Why do some people react better to stress than others?
  • Is the diversity of a working group an obstacle or an advantage?

The 4 fundamental traits of personality are present in each of us but in different proportions generating our strengths and our weaknesses: the knowledge of these traits and their functioning allows us to make the most of our strengths and to positively develop weaknesses.