The three Pillars for innovation in Italy according to the Politecnico di Milano

"We are on a good path" the Rector says in an interview with La Repubblica

We need physical spaces to attract talent, competences to create business acceleration, funds to be competitive in an international scenario. "We are on a good path to do so" says the Rector in an interview with La Repubblica.

What are the strategies, tailored for the italian territory, that will be able to support and push forward the innovative force of Start-ups and Small and Medium Companies, the backbone of our industrial system? The Rector of the Politecnico di Milano discuss it in an interview with La Repubblica. The key is to connect the university and companies: “We need places to attract the primary components of innovation: talents and capitals”, says Resta.

The Politecnico di Milano, always innovative for the industrial system has been studying a series of tools: for example "We have been developing in the North West side of Milan, in the gasometers park a great big scientific pole that will host spaces for startup incubation, private and public scientific labs, an industry accelerator and spaces for companies interested in product research", with an investment of 100 million euros thanks to the effort of the University and investments from public and private insititutions. Another piece of this strategy is the new competence center MADE: “a center in cooperation with 42 big companies to support small and medium companies in their digitalisation processes. The small entrepreneur can come to the center, see the available technologies and evaluate what could be added in the processes of its company". The University is working on building an accelerator and a fund of venture capital in line with the main technological universities in Europe.  

"Between Europe and the United States there is no systemic difference, nor of abilities nor of skills" concludes the Rector "But we cannot reap if we do not sow. Things are made making a fertile terrain. And to do so we need the will to make european and national platforms in which you can address universities and research centers giving them funds in exchange for specific results in 5 years, so that they can work towards that direction."