A helmet against the Coronavirus

Designed in Colombia by Alumnus Ricardo Conde, it is designed to protect frontline workers and all categories at risk in the fight against the pandemic

"My name is Ricardo Conde and I graduated from the Politecnico di Milano in 2013 in Design and Engineering". Ricardo writes to us from Colombia, where, after studying at Politecnico, he founded the startup QL Concept and today it deals with designing personal protective equipment.

“We are all wondering how we can effectively prevent contagion - he comments. Our idea was to design a "bio-capsule" to return to trust each other, protect workers, return to lead a normal life and reopen economic activities ". It is a helmet with an integrated fan to facilitate breathing and a series of filters to protect the wearer from the virus. The prototype weighs around 600 grams and costs around $ 200.

At the moment, QL Concept produces a few examples in a small artisan factory, but hopes to scale to industrial production with a goal of producing 2,000 units per day.

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