Graduate anniversaries | 50, 60 and 70 years from Degree

In 2020, 1.784 Alumni have celebrated thei 50, 60 and 70 years from degree, 1.112 graduates in 1970, 364 graduates in 1960 and 308 graduates in 1950!

In 2020 there are 1.784 Alumni who should have celebrated their 50, 60 and 70 years from Degree 1.112 graduates in 1970, 364 graduates in 1960 and 308 graduates in 1950!

To celebrate this event, however, which fell in a year in which it was not possible to meet, we sent them a letter, their degree parchment, and a brochure to get a little taste of the renewed polytechnic places, waiting for when we will be able to welcome everyone back. At our Polytechnic.

Dear Alumna, dear Alumnus,
how are you and how are you experiencing this strange historical moment? I hope you are well and that soon we will have the opportunity to tell each other in person this "little bit of life".
Given the particular situation, in fact, this year, with great regret, we will not be able to celebrate the 50th, 60th and 70th Graduation Anniversaries in attendance.
I promise you, however, that as soon as possible we will celebrate (safely), in the renovated polytechnic places (I am sending you a small brochure for a preview).
Looking forward to meeting us all together at our Politecnico di Milano, I send you a warm greeting and my personal congratulations on your graduation anniversary in Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano (complete with parchment!).
Prof. Enrico Zio
President Alumni Politecnico di Milano

The Alumnus Eng. Domenico Mietta, graduated in Aeronautical Engineering in 1970, sent us a letter, to share with us and with all the Alumni his pride as an Alumnus of the Politecnico di Milano.
We are also looking forward to celebrating this important result in person, with Eng. Mietta and with all the other 1,783 celebrated!

Thanking you for the beautiful parchment in memory of my graduation and for the exquisite expressions of congratulations and wishes, in the shared hope of future safe celebrations all together.

Today, at the time of the final balance, as always, I feel proud of the severe studies conducted, alas many years ago, at our Politecnico, which were the very fruitful viaticum in my varied and long work and
I am also proud of the master's degree in Mechanical Engineering, which my son Emilio achieved, following in my footsteps, at our Polytechnic.

In the hope of a future personal meeting, I greet with observance.
Dott. Ing. Domenico Mietta