Boeri: the communication and the project of the pavilions for the Anti-Covid Vaccine Plan

The structures are going to be planned in 1500 italian plazas

Architect Stefano Boeri, Alumnus of the Politecnico di Milano, has been made in charge by the emergency commissioner Domenico Arcuri of planning the vaccine strategy against COvid-19, both on the communication side and on the architectonic and design planning of the facilities.

Boeri and his team worked on this project for free: as declared by Boeri in in an interview with Corriere della Sera "we worked pro-bono. Our design studio and the architecture one were involved, as well as other consultants I invoved in the project: Mario Piazza for graphics, The Blink Fish for video and Ingrid Paoletti and Niccolò Aste of the Politecnico di Milano for the engineering part. 20 people in total. This year has been terrible and that's the reason why no one of us hesitated in joining the project, trying to make sense of this crisis.

The chosen logo for the campaign is a primrose, a spring flower that represent regeneration and re-start. "If the virus has forced us to close in hospitals and houses, the vaccine will finaly start to make us begin again to join the social life and nature around us" said Boeri in the press conference to present the project "To get a vaccine will be a step towards the future, civil responsibility and love towards others. The challenge is to make the pavillions a symbol for the country, the first to be struck by the pandemic and that can describe more beauty in such a difficoult time" he concluded.

According to the project the somministration of the vaccin will be inside temporary pavillions placed in 1500 italian plazas. The pavillions will be constructed with pre-fabricated pieces and re-assembled easly, with a wooden skeleeton and covered with hydro-repellant materials, recyclable and biodegradable. Each pavillion will host a system of photo-voltaic panels to cover its energetic needs. Internally the pavillions will have the spaces to give the vaccine, to wait and to register, as well as areas for the administrative and operative staff.