An agreement signed between Baker Huges and Politecnico di Milano for Research and Development

From Additive Manifacturing to advanced Areodynamics, from Digital Twins to Knowledge Management

From Additive Manifacturing to advanced Areodynamics, from Digital Twins to Knowledge Management, from Prognostics to Data Science, the agreement forsees a comprehensive cooperation as well as the creation of some executive PHDs.

Baker Hughes, a world-renowed technology company offering energy services in 120 countries and the Politecnico di Milano have signed a 3-year collaboration deal to establish new research contracts. The deal is the coronation of a cooperation that has been going for year between the two institution, which has helped to create many important projects such as the development of the FRAPP probes (fast response aerodynamic pressure probes), the creation of instruments for robodynamic modeling as well as areomechanical modelling and the experimental testing of components for gas and steam turbines.

The new agreement is part of the strategic plan to foster the collaboration with companies to make the Politecnico di Milano the focal point for the newest and most promising research topics, with a special interest in themes revolving around the 'Green Deal' and the transition towards renewable energies. "To strenghten the relationship with companies means to strenghten a virtuos circle to propel research, better our classes and to make our University even more competitive. Baker Huges is the kind of company that is able to benefit from this teamwork and who looks at it as an investment for its development, as well as it is for our University" says Ferruccio Resta, Rector of the Politecnico.

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