The Municipality of Milan and Politecnico di Milano for the development of NoLo

A new space inside the Municipal covered Market in Viale Monza 54

Viale Monza 45, September 29: inauguration of Off Campus NoLo: a new space inside the Municipal Covered Market. The inauguration took place in the presence of the Rector, Ferruccio Resta, and the Councilor for Labor, Business and Trade Policies, Cristina Tajani.

The Politecnico for Milan

This space has been created thanks to continuous collaboration between the Municipal Administration and the University; it will allow University professors, researchers and students, local citizens and associations to develop innovative teaching activities, responsible research and co-designing which will benefit the community and neighborhood development.

Off Campus NoLo: activities and project:

Off Campus NoLo will house an observatory regarding themes linked to the regeneration and revitalization of suburbs, teaching workshops, seminars and lessons open to neighborhoods, shows and exhibitions, public events and an archive open to the entire area.

“Off Campus is proof of the active and concrete participation of the Politecnico di Milano in the dynamics of city development. A university attentive to social challenges, close to local needs and communities. It is an expression of the positive impact created by interaction and comparison, by experimenting with new ideas and dialog,” comments Ferruccio Resta, Rector of the Politecnico di Milano. “NoLo is the second landing site of the initiative we intend to extend to other city neighborhoods in future. This fundamental understanding with the Municipal Administration is the fruit of a combined effort to formulate and implement shared action”.

Off Campus NoLo activities will be drawn up in synergy with the Politecnico di Milano Department of Design, the Design School and the School of Urban Architecture and Construction Engineering.

The Politecnico di Milano Social Responsibility Program, financed by 5XMille pretax donations

the Off Campus / Il Cantiere Per Le Periferie (Off Campus / Construction Site for the Suburbs) spaces are part of a macro project umbrellaed and promoted by the Politecnico di Milano Polisocial social responsibility program. Project activities deal with the specific social and urban dynamics of the contexts where they are set up, acting like “antennas” for the university in the city: places open to the public where the knowledge created in the university is made more visible, accessible and usable, giving back and sharing with the community in a continuous dialog between education centers and the local area.

Activities promoted by Polisocial are financed by the 5XMille pretax donations devolved to the Politecnico di Milano.