Design Education Student Talk – 001 Liu Qianyu: In Polimi, everyone is a polyhedron of freedom

【设计教育学生说】第一期 刘芊妤:在米理,每个人都是自由的多面体


We need to seek changes to today’s design education, as scholar Don Norman appealed.

In the process of traditional education, teachers usually play the role of the “subject” who spreads knowledge, while the students serve as the “object” that takes in the ideas. From a pedagogical point of view, “teachers” and “students” are two equally important ends of the educational activity. However, it is obvious that teachers usually have more opportunities to speak for themselves, while students have limited opportunities to voice.

As design students, we also never stop producing and expressing ideas. How is our thinking pattern evolving as we grow up in an environment where technology and social concepts change rapidly? How do we move forward in face of volatile social situations and life uncertainty? In the increasingly complicated design context, are we actually acting synchronously despite the different time and space contexts we live in?

Design Education Student Talk” was created by a group of students from Politecnico di Milano, who were later joined by students from the University of Cambridge, Royal College of Art, University of the Arts London, Tsinghua University, Tongji University, Central Academy of Fine Arts, China Academy of Art and other universities. We are committed to providing a platform for all design students to voice and discuss, to record every unique experience of exploration, and to feel all the surging moments in perception.

Turn around. Witness with us.

Speaker: Liu Qianyu, double master degree candidate of Politecnico di Milano (product-service system design and management engineering)

Organizer: Alumni Politecnico di Milano China Association, Nanjing Alumni Association of Politecnico di Milano

Director: Yang Yeqiu

Editorial team:Liu Qianyu, Qian Kexin, Liu Ziyang, Ying Yilong, Luo Chenmin, Feng Yimin, Wang Aiqi, Li Jiaxiang, Shi Yanghongyi, Zheng Zhiben, Miao Yumeng, Hou Yuenan









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