Fast Covid-19 Diagnosis

An algorithm will give an indicator of the probability of being infected with the Coronavirus using the physiological data collected by a wearable device. "A race against time and a committment to society, says the Founder of Empatica, Matteo Lai, Alumnus of Architecture.

Founded in 2011 by three Alumni of the Politecnico di Milano Matteo Lai, Maurizio Garbarino and Simone Tognetti, and incubated in Polihub, Empatica is a high-tech company developing wearable device with the original mission of monitoring epyleptic crises in order to provide assistance. Since then the company, situated in the US has grown and in 2018 the smartwatch Embrace has been the first to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the insitution in the US responsible for medical and food-related products.

The smartwatches of Empatica are used in a medical and neurological context with the object of monitoring physiological signals in pathological or stress-related situation, thanks to the integration of design and artificial intelligence. Since a few years the team of Empatica studies, among other things a method to early diagnose deases of the breathing apparatus. Since the Covid emergency the researchers have developed an algorithm that is able to collect the data through a device (the sensors monitor the heart beat, the temperature, the breathing pattern and the electrodermal activity and to identify the risk of being infected before developing symptoms.

The method has been chosen by the U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command (USAMRDC) and will be used to find clusters of the deasease. The CEO of Empatica, Matteo Lai, said: “Is a priviledge to fight the desease with the american army. The department has the best track record in the world in promoting technology. It is a race against time as it is a responsibility to our health and our economy."


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