Who are the 7 young Alumni of the Politecnico in the Forbes ranking of young innovators

There are 7 Alumni and Alumnae who, according to the magazine, are rewriting the future of the country

The Forbes Italia ranking of young innovators under 30 is enriched with new talents from the Politecnico di Milano. For the sixth consecutive year the magazine selected 100 innovators belonging to 20 categories. 7 brilliant minds who have developed cutting-edge ideas and projects that can positively impact the country's economy.  

Let's get to know them better! 


LEONARDO BERTELLI – 26 years old - science 

Leonardo Bertelli, Automation Engineering Alumnus, is a robotics engineer working as a consultant in Leonardo, where he is developing a robotic arm for the Mars Sample Return Campaign. 

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CAMILLA CECILIA CONTI – 28 years old - manufacturing & industry

Camilla Cecilia Conti, Power Engineering Alumna, leads the executive department of Adaptronics, which produces adaptive mechatronic devices for sustainable logistics. 

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RACHELE DIDERO – 26 years old - consumer technology 

Didero is a designer of the Politecnico di Milano and co-founder of Cap_able, an Italian high-tech fashion start-up that has patented clothes that do not allow facial recognition by surveillance systems. 

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ALESSANDRO FANNI - 29 years old - science 

Fanni, a Computer Engineering Alumnus, established CShark Solutions, a company specialized in the design of integrated systems for IoT and satellite communication.

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LISA IANNELLO – 26 years old - healthcare 

Lisa Iannello is an Integrated Product Design Alumna and co-founder of This-Unique, a start-up providing a subscription service for the delivery of boxes of compostable sanitary pads made up of 100% organic cotton, which degrade in six months (compared to 500 years for conventional ones). 

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FRANCESCA MADONINI – 27 years old - science category 

Francesca Madonini, during her Ph.D. in Electronics, developed a single-photon sensitive camera for quantum applications, based on an innovative sensing system that was filed as a national and international patent, which then took her to MIT in Boston, where she continued her research for six months. Today she works at Empatica, an Italian medical technology company.

francesca madonini
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GUIDO PUTIGNANO – 20 years old - science 

Guido Putignano, who holds a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering, is a researcher and bioengineer with the mission of using artificial intelligence tools to engineer stem cells in oncology. 

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