Prof. Alfio Quarteroni has been awarded the 2023 Lagrange Prize

Quarteroni received this prestigious international prize, which is only awarded every 4 years, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to applied mathematics

Alfio Quarteroni, director of MOX (Laboratory of Modelling and Scientific Computing) and professor at the Politecnico di Milano, was awarded the 2023 Lagrange Prize by ICIAM, the International Council for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. 

The Lagrange Prize is awarded every four years to internationally recognise mathematicians who have made outstanding contributions to applied mathematics and who have undertaken innovative work in the field of numerical analysis during their careers. 

According to ICIAM’s website, "The ICIAM Lagrange 2023 Prize is awarded to Alfio Quarteroni for his ground-breaking work in finite element and spectral methods, domain decomposition methods, discontinuous Galerkin methods, numerical solution of incompressible Navier-Stokes equations, multiphysics and multiscale modeling - with applications to fluid dynamics, geophysics, the human heart and circulatory system, the Covid-19 epidemic, as well as improvement of sports performance for the America's Cup sailing competition."

Quarteroni had already been listed as a runner-up in 2022, making him the first Italian mathematician to do so. He was also 48th in the world according to the "Top mathematics scientist" ranking published by the company, which orders these luminaries according to the number of their works that have been cited in scientific research. In fact, the Politecnico professor has been cited in publications 38,000 times by both Italian and international researchers. 

The 2023 Lagrange Prize will be awarded during the opening ceremony of the International Congress of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, ICIAM 2023, which is due to be held in Tokyo from 20 to 25 August 2023.   

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