Compasso d'Oro 2022: the winning Alumni

This 27th edition also saw from among the winners of the prestigious award assigned by the ADI Design Index, Alumni and Alumnae from our Community.

Development - sustainable - responsiblethese are the three key concepts that theADI Design Index indicates as fundamental for contemporary design and which have guided the selection of the winners in the 27th edition of the Compasso d'Oro, announced on 20 June 2022. 

Among these are also Alumni and Alumnae who have distinguished themselves for their projects and careers, and who have elevated the name of Made in Italy Design in our country and the world. 

"The profound transformations that design is called upon to interpret, from the environmental crisis to economic and social inequalities, push the culture of design to engage in a multiplicity of directions, from the conscious use of the resources available to the planet to the creation of objects capable of including and enhancing the various components of civil society." 

comments the award jury.

Let's see together who are the winning polytechnics this year. 

Antonio Citterio - Compasso d’oro for Lifetime Achievement 

Citterio, Architecture Alumnus and founder of the Citterio-Viel studio, receives the award for "An exemplary path for consistency and quality, a path that has contributed to evolving the Italian professional offer towards an increasingly advanced methodological model. During his career Antonio Citterio has materialized true icons of the Italian lifestyle in the world ”.  


Giulio Cappellini - Compasso d’oro for Lifetime Achievement 

According to the reasoning of the jury, “The path of Giulio Cappellini - Architecture Alumnus - is a continuous reading and rereading of the phenomena of design; capable of projecting his actions into the contemporary world through his own personal sensitivity, as well as through the relationship with the many young talents he supports".  

An award that pays homage to the profound curiosity, foresight and audacity of the Alumnus, known internationally as one of the greatest trendsetters and talent scouts in the sector. 


Cini Boeri - Compasso d'Oro for Product Career 

The Alumna receives the award for the Ghost armchair designed together with Tomu Katayanagi, a design object on the market with a career of over ten years.

According to the jury, Ghost is a “perfect form of technological experimentation and formal research, which demonstrates the desire to dematerialize the perception of function in favour of the user, who thus becomes the absolute protagonist of the space”. 


Scale for blood donation called “Milano” | Cefriel 

The new "Milano" blood donation scale is a device created from the collaboration between Delcon, an Italian company specializing in the design and production of medical devices and software for the blood supply chain, Cefriel, a centre of excellence for digital innovation created at the Politecnico di Milano, and the New York Blood Center.  

"The scale awarded with the Compasso d'Oro is confirmation that making value product innovation is now possible by combining design and digital technology" - says Alfonso Fuggetta, Cefriel CEO, Alumnus and professor at the Politecnico di Milano -. In designing Milano, we followed a design thinking e agileapproach, which started with the analysis of user needs to arrive at the current solution. Following the principles of design thinking, the real needs and requirements of the end customer have been identified”. 

Credits: Gianluca Ripa on Twitter

Cefriel is a digital innovation centre that creates digital products, services and processes, participates in national and international research programmes, and develops digital skills and culture. It is a multidisciplinary team of over 130 people with a mix of technical, business and design skills. Founded in 1988 by the Politecnico di Milano, today it also includes the University of Milan, the University of Milan-Bicocca, the University of Insubria, the Lombardy Region and multinational companies among its members. 

According to the reasoning by the jury of the ADI Design Index: 

Design and technology redefine the management and control of blood donations: an incentive to increase the turnout of those who donate.  

Goliath CNC | Springa 

Goliath CNC, the numerically controlled machine tool for cutting and engraving, anywhere and without limits, was created by the Italian startup and spinoff of the Politecnico di Milano Springa, founded in 2016 from an idea of the three Alumni Davide Cevoli, Lorenzo Frangi and Alessandro Trifoni.

The innovation of Goliath consists in portability, which allows the machine tool to be positioned directly on the workpiece, on which it performs the machining by moving autonomously. 

Credits: Goliath

RH120 | Ricehouse 

Ricehouse is a company focused on the conversion of rice production waste into building and construction materials. Co-founded by Alumna Tiziana Monterisi, the company uses all natural materials that usually end up as waste for the creation of building infrastructures. Winning the Compasso d'Oro is RH120, a natural mixture of lime plaster and rice husk, specially designed to be smoothed and treated in order to highlight the aesthetic effect of the product. 

“It is a material, mirroring our times, a fine finish that restores beauty in perfect balance between nature and technology. RH120 is a beautiful, elegant, technological and sustainable interior finish." comments the Alumna. 


LAMBROgio, LAMBROgino | Makio Hasuike & Co 

Alumni Naomi Hasuike, Luca Catrame and Andrea Sechi are part of the Makio Hasuike & Co team that created LAMBROgio, LAMBROgino, "a brilliant redefinition of traditional light vehicles for a new urban electric mobility for transporting people and delivering goods".  

Designed to accommodate guests and move goods in a versatile and sustainable way thanks to a pedal assist system and a robust and functional structure with unmistakable lines, LAMBRO can move easily both in urban spaces and in private contexts such as resorts and prestigious campsites, marinas, exhibition centres and more. 

E-Worker | Merlo 

The Alumnus Felice Contessini is part of the work team that designed E-Worker. E-Worker is the 100% electric reinterpretation of the classic forklift intended for agricultural and industrial environments, which allows a work area greater than the usual one. 

Credits: Merlo Group

Designing in dark times | Virginia Tassinari (Editor) – Politecnico di Milano, Eduardo Staszowski (Editor), Clive Dilnot (Editor), Andrew LeClair (Graphic Design Director), Laura Wing (Managing Editor), Lesley Onstott, Lucas Teixeira Vaqueiro (Social Media Designers)

Eduardo Staszowski is one of the editors of “Designing in Dark Times”, “a book and a new series that provoke a reflection on the purposes and the responsibilities of design today”

Credits: ADI

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