Amedeo Felisa new CEO of Aston Martin

Felisa, Alumnus in Mechanical Engineering, will guide the British brand in the creation of its first 100% electric car

Amedeo Felisa, Alumnus Mechanical Engineering 1970, starting from May 2022 is the new CEO of Aston Martin, an appointment that comes after 26 years of career in leadership roles at Ferrari - including 8 years as CEO - where he also became the engineering and product-development force behind every new model. 

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Speaking of the new role taken on by the Alumnus, Aston Martin Executive Chairman Martin Lawrence Stroll ha dichiarato a Reuters that

“Nobody knows how to make ultra-luxury performance cars better than Amedeo,”

and that he has been appointed to lead the British brand to ensure that the company focuses “on the bigger picture.” 

Mr. Felisa will guide Aston Martin towards the launch its first 100% electric model in 2025 and to convert all production to electric by 2030. The whole production chain is expected to become carbon neutral by 2039.   

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