Healthcare and Design: the Politecnico presents Eolo

The project by Alumna and researcher Aurélie Glaser has won Switch2Product and a grant for solutions with the potential for generating a positive impact on the local economic system

In the 13th edition of Switch2Product at Switch2Product new technologies and business ideas include Eolo, by the design researcher and Alumna Aurélie Glaser.

The project also received the €30,000 grant awarded by the Chamber of Commerce of Milan, Monza, Brianza and Lodi for the solution with the greatest potential for generating a positive impact on the local economic system.

But what does Eolo do? And what is its innovative feature? We asked Aurélie herself:

Eolo is a supportive respiratory muscle training device, whose goal is to improve the respiratory capacity of its users, proposing a new, more inclusive, supportive and systemic model of medical care.

“More than just a medical device”, adds Aurélie, “our project aims to improve the quality of life of millions of people by empowering them and raising awareness of the importance of respiratory health.”

More specifically, Eolo is a portable handheld device for remote care that assesses and improves the respiratory capacity of its users with simple inspiratory and expiratory exercises and testsBased on the principles of RMT (Respiratory Muscle Training), Eolo focuses on training various muscles essential to respiratory function, such as the diaphragm, external and internal intercostal muscles and other accessory muscles, in terms of endurance, strength and flow.

Eolo Handling
Courtesy of Aurélie Glaser

Nowadays, respiratory health and respiratory diseases - especially since COVID-19 - are a global priorityin this context, Eolo serves as a potential integrated and versatile resource in the health, sport and wellness sector.

It is therefore mainly intended for patients with conditions that compromise their respiratory capacity and therefore positions itself in the e-health and medical device markets. It is also perfect for the physical performance and sports device markets as it is beneficial for professional athletes and amateur sports enthusiasts. Finally, the fact that it teaches good breathing techniques and helps to improve the respiratory strength and stamina makes the device also suitable for the wellness market.

eolo È stato presentato in conferenza stampa il progetto di riqualificazione urbana per il futuro dell’area Bovisa-Goccia, che prevede l’accordo tra Regione Lombardia, il Comune di Milano e il Politecnico. Le linee guida del progetto sono state illustrate dal Presidente della Regione Lombardia Attilio Fontana, dall'Assessore allo Sviluppo Città metropolitana, Giovani e Comunicazione Stefano Bolognini, dall'Assessore alla Rigenerazione Urbana del Comune di Milano Giancarlo Tancredi e dal Rettore del Politecnico di Milano Ferruccio Resta
Hand Holding and app (Courtesy of Aurélie Glaser)

We asked Aurélie why she decided to focus her research on this topic:

“I have always been very passionate about the healthcare field and the numerous unmet needs users and patients encounter. I believe design can bridge a gap between users and the medical community by raising awareness, empowering people, and improving their quality of life. I strongly believe research and design could be key elements to provide solutions to such matters by following the four Ps (predictive, preventive, personalised, participative) model of clinical medicine and addressing numerous current challenges our society faces”.


The next steps of the project within the acceleration programme will help Aurélie and her team to define more clearly the target market, the needs of potential users, validate the previous research carried out and create the business model. Meanwhile, the development of the device continues and the grant will be used to create a prototype.

All this has been achieved at the Politecnico!So, we asked Aurélie why she decided to move to Italy from France to study here.

“After following my bachelor's degree in France, I wanted to explore and apprehend new cultures of design and life. Such experience is fundamental and enriching as it increases your knowledge and opens your mind. Milan offers a very stimulating setting with a rich design background and know-how. Politecnico is a renowned university that proposes a rich, technical and multi-disciplinary educative approach in line with my values and aspirations to grow as a researcher, designer and person.”

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