QS Ranking: Politecnico 13th in the world for engineering

The QS World University Rankings by Subject 2022 confirms out excellence also in Architecture and Design

The QS World University Rankings by Subject 2022, the ranking of the best universities in the world by subject area, reinforces the growth trend of the Politecnico di Milano.

In Engineering,in the last 6 years  our university has climbed 11 positions in the ranking, reaching today the 13th place in the world (from the 24th place in 2016).

In Architecture and Design  it has gained  5 positions : respectively, from 15th and 10th place in 2016, last year, also confirmed by the new ranking.

In Europe we are in 7th place in the  Engineering  area, 3rd for Design and  5th for Architecture.

Various parameters were taken into consideration while building this ranking. One of them also reflects how Alumni value their core competencies, acquired during their studies, in relation to their professional context.

The result achieved is definitely positive and we are proud of it. Not only for the reaffirmation in the fields of Architecture and Design, which are world excellences, but above all in the face of the positions climbed in engineering, a highly competitive and more difficult to positioning context for Italian universities.

commented Ferruccio Resta, Rector of Politecnico di Milano.

Compared to last year, within the Engineering macro-category, the Politecnico has gained significant positions in chemical engineering (+7 positions), civil engineering (+2), mechanics (+2),electrical and electronic engineering (+3), materials engineering (+21) and environmental engineering (+8).

A result possible thanks to very specific strategic actions carried out by our university in the last six years. Among these, the consolidation of the relationship with companies, which also passes through support for start-ups and business development, with the creation of numerous Joint Research Centers.

Academic Reputation is the indicator strongly improved and is also the most important in the ranking. In fact, it makes up at least 40% of the final assessment in the disciplines of the Politecnico, and is based on the evaluations of over 130,000 academics from all over the world.

Not a pleasant surprise, rather the well-deserved recognition of the value of the policies activated in recent years: from investments in research infrastructures to international alliances. An important indicator of our reputation and attractiveness to talented researchers and students, inside and outside national borders.

adds Resta.

In recent years, Politecnico di Milano has built a model of close alliances between the most important European technological universities, with the aim of creating a new academic space for the interaction between technological progress, society and the environment. Thanks to this internationalization process, we have managed to achieve one of our primary missions of the last three years, thus becoming one of the "European Leading Universities", capable of leading research and scientific and technological innovation to contribute to sustainable and inclusive development.

In the Italian panorama, the Politecnico di Milano is confirmed as the absolute first in Architettura, Design and for almost all engineering subjects (Computer Science & Information Systems; Chemical Engineering; Civil & Structural Engineering; Electrical & Electronic Engineering; Mechanical, Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering).

Our country, the seventh largest economy in the world, should aspire to have at least one university among the top ten in the world in every discipline.