Two pieces of good news about the architect-designers of the Politecnico to catch up on

The awards presented to Politecnico Alumni are continuing to pour in: Ilaria Marelli wins the Wallpaper Design Awards 2022 and NIB 2021 goes to Alberto Proserpio

... you are all so good that we can't keep up with you and we had missed these two: we are proud to retrieve the achievements of two Politecnico Alumni who are tireless creatives.

"It is always an honour to receive an award and, in this case, from an editorial office of international prestige such as Wallpaper", comments Ilaria Marelli, designer and Architecture Alumna, recipient of the Wallpaper Design Awards 2022 in the Best Outdoor Living category for her couch: Calipso, “the floating sofa”, designed for Ethimo.

ethimo ilaria marelli
Credits: Ethimo

Owner of the design studio that bears her name, Marelli has won many national and international awards.She is involved in all aspects of design: art direction, product design, strategy consulting, interiors and fittings, design and social innovation. With an eye also on social impact: she told her story on stage at the Politecnico di Milano Alumni Convention, which hosted her in 2015. I've never really left the Poli, it's a great passion of mine", commented the Alumna, (who also taught Design Innovation right here). Watch the video of Ilaria Marelli at the Politecnico di Milano Alumni Convention..

ilaria marelli
Credits: Linkedin

Going back a few months, we also have another piece of good news: among the the top10 architects & landscape architects under 35 is young Alberto Proserpio, architect and civil engineer who won the NIB 2021 Award. Since 2009, the NIB, NewItalianBlood, award has been presented every year to the ten best designers (or studios with at least one Italian partner) working in Italy or abroad and is an important observatory on new Italian talent in the world of architecture. Born in 1990, Proserpio graduated from the Politecnico in 2015 and lives in Warsaw, where he is the Architecture Department Manager of Arup Poland and where he founded his own studio just last year.

“My architecture is inspired by the context in which it is placed and is characterized by clear, simple and rational forms. It's an architecture aware of itself and of the environment" commented Proserpio.

Credits header: Photo by Maarten Deckers on Unsplash