5 Alumnae of Politecnico di Milano among the italian"inspiring FIfty"

Women at the top of the technology world in Italy, from AI to Fintech, chosen to inspire young professionals around Europe

Entrepreneurs, managers, teachers, researchers, consultants, and representatives of institutions: these are the "magnificent 50", the Inspiring Fifty Italian women who distinguished themselves in the world of innovation in 2021. Fifty women in the STEM field, which is the acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, bringing together research and industrial fields from digital , artificial intelligence, robotics, life sciences and so on.

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Inspiring Fifty was created in the Netherlands to highlight women at the top of their fields in the technological world . An annual appointment in Europe since 2015, it has spread all over the world and this year took place in Italy the second edition of the event, which received over 200 applications of the highest profile . The Italian edition is held in collaboration with Eni, Dazn and Klecha & Co. Media partner on Corriere della Sera, which dedicates an in-depth analysis to the topic and underlines the motto of the initiative, “If she can see it, she can be it” . That is: if he can see her, he can also become like her, a message to girls looking for new role models to inspire themselves.

The 50 selected professionals work in IT, digital media, e-commerce, physics, aerospace, artificial intelligence, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, finance and so on. They were selected by a jury made up of prominent personalities from the world of business, business and academia.

In the 2021 list, also 5 experts in technology at Politecnico at an international level . Let's see them.


Cristina Canavesi , Alumna in telecommunications engineering, is Co- founder & President at LighTop Tech Corp. Elena Bottinelli, Alumna in electronic engineering is Head of Innovation, Digitalization and Sustainability of the San Donato Group.

Guendalina Cobianchi , SVP Business Development & Partnerships in V-Nova and Alumna in management engineering, comments her nomination with a message to girls: «For me " success" means having followed the intuition and the desire to venture into something that had never been done before , undertaking a path of radical innovation ».

Guendalina Cobianchi inspiring fifty
Guendalina Cobianchi
Credits: www.italy.inspiringfifty.org

Monica Dalla Riva , is VP Design & CX at Deutsche Telekom and an Alumna in industrial design, renamed “ the queen of Tlc” by Corriere Comunicazioni . And finally (in alphabetical order by proper name, as the official list has indicated), we find Patrizia Casali , Alumna in biomedical engineering.

Among Inspiring Fifty during the first Italian edition , we find Alumnae Lucia Chierchia and Grazia Vittadini , who talked about themselves in the book ALUMNAE - Engineer and Technologies , together with Prof. Amalia Ercoli Finzi, the pro-rector of the Polytechnic of Milan Donatella Sciuto, to professor Isabella Nova, to Alumnae Valeria Ferrari and Daria Loi and the student of computer engineering Valeria Cagnina .

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