Politecnico di Milano: scholarships to bridge the gender gap in STEM

Executive Vice Rector Sciuto in an interview with Corriere della Sera: "The choice of the university course is fundamental to promote freedom and awareness for young women"

"The issue of female employment, although it does not exhaust the debate on equal opportunities, unequivocally represents one of the central points of the question, a potential engine for structural change and revitalization of the country".

This is the opinion of Vice Rector Donatella Sciuto in the Corriere della Sera's interview, talking about equal opportunities and how these have been severely affected by the pandemic, which has brought out the structural weaknesses in terms of female employment, unequal family burdens and imbalances in life between men and women.

gender gap ragazze nelle STEM
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Even if the data disseminated by Istat report describes a country where women are more educated than men (22.4% against 16 , 8%), the presence of women in technical-scientific degrees, although growing , it is still very low: only 16.2% of women acquire a title in STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering, mathemathics), against 37.3% of men.

"At the international level, the 2021 edition of the Global Gender Gap Report concludes that the time estimated as necessary to 'close' the gap between men and women in this area is 276.6 years".


“The moment of choosing the university path can be an important turning point, because this choice is fundamental to foster autonomy, freedom and awareness for young women” continues the pro-rector Sciuto.

Precisely for this reason, the Politecnico di Milano has created Girls @ Polimi , scholarships for future students enrolled in engineering courses with low percentage of women (Mechanics, Electronics and IT) , which make available to deserving candidates 8000 euros each, repeatable for the three years of the degree, in addition to free accommodation.

Girls @ Polimi is an initiative that is part of the strategic plan Pop - Equal Polytechnic Opportunities and aims to bring girls closer to the study of STEM - and specifically engineering - starting from high schools , to support them in a choice of value from the point of view of personal fulfillment but also far-sighted with respect to future professional prospects. If you want to support the scholarship with a donation, click here .

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