Covid-19 has not slowed down the Alumni of Politecnico di Milano

The new employment survey has been published: 96% of graduate students have a job witihn one year from graduation, five years later the percentage of employment rises to 99%

Among the Alumni of the Politecnico, about one in three (29%) is already hired at the date of graduation : in 82% of cases they are employed as employees (94% in the private sector with 52% of permanent contracts and 1,549 euros of average salary upon entering the world of work). 96% are already employed one year after the title (98% Engineering; 93% Architecture; 88% Design). The percentage of employment rises up to 99% five years after graduation (99% Engineering; 97% Architecture; 97% Design), with 90% permanent contracts and an average salary of 2062 euros.

This is certified by the employment survey released by the Politecnico di Milano, conducted on Italian master's degree graduates who obtained their degree in 2015: a total of 4,567. 3,490 responded to the survey. The 2021 employment survey was coordinated by the Career Service of the Politecnico di Milano, which supports and prepares students for entry into the world of work, cultivating contacts with the most important national and international companies.

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As for the foreign master's graduates, 82% of them are employed one year after the title , a percentage that rises to 93% after five years from graduation . The percentage of employment is also good for three-year graduates of the Politecnico who decide not to continue their studies: 87% of them are employed one year after graduation, 97% after five years , with an average entry salary of 1,393 euros which rises to 1,830 euros five years after the bachelor's degree.

"We are very happy to note that, despite the legacies of the pandemic, the employment of our graduates is not falling , but rather showing a positive trend. A growth that continues uninterrupted for the Politecnico di Milano and which is confirmed even after five years from the graduation ”, comments Ferruccio Resta, Rector of the Politecnico di Milano . “This is the demonstration of a training capable of re-evaluating itself over time and appreciated by the productive fabric. A necessary recipe for recovery. An investment for the future ".