Politecnico di Milano is the first university in Italy to become a partner of the New European Bauhaus

Politecnico is the first italian university to become partner of the New European Bauhaus, the initiative to bring EU citizens closer to the Green Deal

The Politecnico di Milano is the first Italian university to become a partner of the New European Bauhaus , the European Union initiative that aims to bring citizens closer to the European Green Deal - the program to make the EU economy sustainable - and tranforming the transition into a cultural, positive and tangible experience.

new european bauhaus
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The initiative aims to ensure that citizens have a direct experience of how the transformation towards a "green" and "digital" world can improve the quality of life of everyone, defining future ways of living in an interdisciplinary way and building a dialogue between art, culture, social inclusion, science and technology.

To do this, the New European Bauhaus provides for the direct involvement of citizens on a dedicated platform , to accelerate the green transition, contribute to the recovery and ensure a better coexistence for all, exploiting the existing wealth of knowledge, experience and skills to seek new visions, ideas and solutions.

In practice, the project will facilitate dialogue between experts, businesses and institutions to make the living spaces of tomorrow cheaper and more accessible as well as mobilizing designers, architects, engineers, scientists, students and creative minds from all disciplines to rethink a sustainable way of life in Europe and in the world .


As a partner, the Politecnico di Milano will work in three macro areas:

  • will create opportunities for debate and comparison that can be a stimulus for generating new ideas around these issues;
  • will identify inspiring projects, practices or concepts;
  • will collect the needs and expectations of citizens

The Alumni of the Politecnico di Milano are a core support for the growth of the University in Italy and in an international context. They represent Politecnico excellence in the world, they are a fundamental part of the social and technological development of the country. If you like our activities, you can donate to support them .