11 Alumni of Politecnico in Forbes' list of young innovators

Under 30 innovators to keep an eye on according to Forbes,for their ideas and startups that are building the future of the country

"While the whole world is fighting the Covid-19 pandemic, the 100 innovators under 30 selected by Forbes Italia for 2021 are giving their contribution with their ideas", the article on Forbes Italia announces the 100 young italian innovators that are building the future of the country.

Let's meet the Alumni of Politecnico from the list!

Giovanni Pandolfi Bortoletto, 29 years, for the Science category, founder of Leaf Space and Alumnus in Arenautical Engineering in 2014

Photo: TrevisoToday

Matteo Marzorati, 26 years, Games category, founder of Cordens Interact and Alumnus in Product Service System Design in 2019

matteo marzorati
Credits: Linkedin

Domitilla Rapisardi, 29 years, category Art&Style founder of IINDACO and Alumna in Fashion Design in 2013

domitilla rapisardi
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Francesca Bona, 29 years, category Energy is an energetical transition expert and an Alumna of Energy Engineering in 2015

francesca bona
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Andrea Evangelista and Chiara Riente, both 27 years and Alumnae in Material Engineering and Nanotechnology in 2021 and Communication Design in 2018 are the founders of Piantando, for the catergory Social Impact

Marco Laganà, 29 years, e-commerce category has founded Dog Heroes and is an Alumnus in Fashion Design 2013

marco laganà
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Elisa Piscitelli, 30 years, and Mariapaola Testa, 29, category Education have found Orientami and are Alumnae in Managing Engineering 2015 and 2013

Enrico Bertino (alumnus in Mathematical Engineering 2019) and Gianluca Maruzzella (alumnus in managing engineering 2015), founders of Indigo.ai. Category Enterprise technology

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