The future of the university is not taught remotely

One year after “patient zero”, the rector Ferruccio Resta retraces the months in search of a new balance

“We are now one year after patient zero, the first case in Codogno. It was a difficult and complex year, but it also gave us the chance of having the privilege of decision, of responsibility ", says the rector of Politecnico di Milano Ferruccio Resta in an interview to askanews.

It took the Politecnico 15 days to transfer teaching to digital platforms, with the primary goal of securing students' careers. Once that was completed , the University has started planning for the future. "We must now find a balance, understand how these tools are still valid".

Returning to classrooms in presence, according to the rector, is important "because relationship and comparison are the basis of every training process”. If it is true that the pandemic, like the University, found us prepared and responsive, now it is important to look ahead and plan the next steps, to ground what we have learned and what we have missed in recent months.

 “We need to undertake a training path that is not simply notional, but is personal growth”, comments the Rector. In short, the value of university education also lies in experience, in the project, in joint work, in multicultural and multisocial communities. "Every time one manages to rearrange one's ideas, to compare oneself with other people, to expose them, to tell them, to listen to criticism, it grows and whenever this fails we are losing an important piece of training, but also of life".