Green hydrogen for a zero-emission society

Francesco Starace, Alumnus del Politecnico di Milano e AD di Enel, è stato ospite dello European Hydrogen Forum

"We are quite proud of the path undertaken by the EU Commission towards the de-carbonisation of Europe. This transformation is within reach in our opinion and needs an acceleration in investment in renewable energies. Green hydrogen can be the answer for de-carbonisaiton" says Francesco Starace, Alumnus of Politecnico di Milano and CEO of Enel, during the European Hydrogen Forum.

The Forum has been of the key six moments of the European Hydrogen Week, which has been taken place last november by an initiative of the European Commission and FCH JU to assess the current state of hydrogen technologies and of fuel cells on the occasion of the European Hydrogen Strategy in 2020. The event has reunited industry, govenment and research representatives with the goal of discussing the latest developments in the green hydrogen sector.

Enel Group forsees to grow its green hydrogen production capacity up to 2 GW in 2030. The technological development for the use of green hydrogen is in the beginning stage and "we must speed the pace, other than study the evolution careflly to avoid capital misplacements and bets on solutions that must be tested before attracting great investments".

Source header image: Matthew Henry

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